Army Of Fire Spoiler Free Review

Hello to all , i hope that your hoilday season is going well no matter what hoilday you choose to take a part in. I dedcided awhile ago that my blog is just going to be for reviews and author interviews! i find it better for me personally and i’ll be able to keep up with my blog more rather than pretend it doesnt exist anymore eep. But yes thats how things are going to start to work from now on, i hope this will be more  to everyones liking and mine as well!


But now back to the review, lol. I got an advance readers copy (ARC) of Army Of Fire by Jennifer. L Kelly in exchange for an honest review! Synopsis “Wood is wise. Water is intuitive. Metal is rebellious. Earth is Nurturing. Fire is Passionate.  After the sun dies, civilization establishes itself on Xon 9, a planet with rouge Elements that affect human physiology. The inhabitants of Xon 9 soon learn to harness the powers of the Elements. At eighteen each citizen must Pronounce their Element, a life long affiliation. Ka Waylon cannot decide which Elemental to Pronounce. All her life shes been ordinary and, unlike her friends Ahna and Li, shes never felt called to any particular Element. Worse, the only advice she receives is to choose wisely.” There is more to the synopsis but i feel like reading the last paragraph of it kind of spoils the fun of it! i rated this book a 5 out of five stars!


This book makes you beileve that you know how it’s suppose to go, that it will be very obvious… Well it isn’t, its far from it, actually. Army of Fire by Jennifer.L Kelly has a very well known trope in it but that trope did not make this book predictable whatsoever. The way Jennifer created this world, this society, and the characters is something new and captivating. When i first read the back of the book i was very intrigued but then i thought ,well i know where this is heading. Jennifer uses her words to lead you to think that the obvious is going to happen in this book, but then she does a total 360 and turns everything around. The main character Kata or Ka for short starts off one way but at the end of the book she has major character development and its very well known; you see it in her words, actions, thoughts, and how she carries herself. She basically evolved into a better version of herself but not too much, just enough to know and understand she still has  along way to go. The side characters where not only amazing in the book, but they help make Ka the person she becomes at the end of the book. As far as the romance….. Well i kinda ship Ka with three people (lol i know , crazy right) but one of the three more than the other two. So i do have three ships but on main OTP ( on true pairing). If you have read this book you should tell me who Ka would look cute with, because i would like to know i’m not the only person who thinks she should end up with a certain character even though it is kind of strange lol.

Thats the end of my review ; i HIGHLY! suggest all of  you should pick this up becasue i see this series going in an amazing direction! I will link all the places you can purchase Army Of Fire as well as the second book The Earth Key since it is already out! You should also check out Jennifer’s website and candle shop! Well that is all for now i hope all of you have a great day and remember


My YouTube video review

Jennifer’s website

where to find Army of fire;jsessionid=7F38D242F7EB434B3CBFCC998F48AF43.prodny_store02-atgap05?ean=9780997776416

where to find The Earth Key

Her candle shop


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