Eight Hundred Grapes Review

“Eight Hundred Grapes” Review: img_1938

Hello book-lovers! Im sorry ive been gone for so long but ive had alot of exciting things happen for one  I had the honor of reviewing Ecolobooks romance box as well as the book that came with it; Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave! This is a “non-spoiler” review, and I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 


I went into this book somewhat blindly, I only read the first couple of lines from the back of the book. In my opinion, reading this book knowing little to nothing is the best way to go. But even before reading the book just by looking at the cover and title you can tell its going to be a romance. But what you don’t expect from this book is a heart felt, plot twisting and VERY family driven story. Notice I did not say “love” story. Even though this book to me would be an amazing “Hallmark” movie its not your average “Hallmark” movie. It wont suffocate you with insta-love or an overbearing gushy story that just does not seem real  or believable. What it will give you is an “synchronization story” that everything that happens in the story falls into place. Not fate, not at all, just synchronization. So yes it is a love story its just not the one you think you would get lol if that makes sense.  I did enjoy this book very much though, its the type of guilty pleasure you can read alone or with your chatty book club. When it came to the characters, (especially the main character “Georgia”) they all where VERY realistic! Which is a blessing and a curse in my opinion. I say that because, as readers we want all the characters to feel “real” (duhh), but the down part is that they make very real and relatable choices which could give you “Aww” moments and “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!” moments (emotional rollercoaster type of “feels” lol). I gave this book a four out of five stars because this book certainly gave me more than I expected it to.  From the crazy beginning, to a very much secretive middle, onto a plot twisting yet satisfying end.The other joy about this book is that it can be read at any time of the year and you will still have the same feelings for it, which is perfect especially if you’re in a reading slump! The only reason why I gave this book four stars instead of five, is because at the end I was completely satisfied! I know what you’re thinking, “JaNae isn’t that a good thing?” Maybe for some readers, but for me, I like all my “‘main” questions answered but I need a little something at the end that leaves me guessing. All around though this book gets a ” JheartLOVED” rating, and it was a fabulous pick for a Romance box. So I want to thank Ecolobooks for sending me their delicious box to review that came with a devouring read! I hope you all have a great day and remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤


DoonTakeover Interview/Giveaway

Hello my fellow book bloggers and lovers! I am back with another post. My apologies again for being off for quit some time but – ugh – life has been such a hassle lately. But for my absences I have an amazing intterview for you all as well as a giveaway!!!!! I had so much fun with this interview plus I got a two for one! Who did I interview? You must be wondering…. Well its Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon who are behind the majestic Doon series! I contacted them because the final book in the Doon series (Forever Doon) comes out August 2 and I decided to host/create #Doontakeover. Which includes a interview, a giveaway, a review of all three books, and PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! Haha, I hope you guys enjoy this part of the doontakeover and use the #doontakeover to show your love for the series, and so I can see your pictures and or reviwes!


1.How long have the two of you been friends?

Almost ten years!

2. Was Doon your debut novel? If not what was?

Lorie: Yes, DOON was my first published novel. Carey has a self-published novel called THE GUARDIAN, THE HALO CHRONICLES. You should all check it out!

3.How long did the process take since it wasn’t a one women show?

The first novel was a bit rough at first. We also had multiple agents giving us edits, so we rewrote Doon seven times in two years! The other three novels took about 9 months each, which is longer than it would probably take either one of us to write a solo novel. I wrote my upcoming YA Romantic Thriller, GILT HOLLOW in about six months.

4. Before Doon, were you both aspiring authors waiting for your big break?

Yes, ma’am! We both have novels sitting on our computers that were never (at least not yet) published.

5. Who was your favorite and most difficult character to write?

Lorie: My favorite character to write is Veronica. Her angsty, yet idealist personality reminds me of myself as a teen. The most difficult would be in FOREVER DOON…this is a bit of a reveal for some of our readers, but we wrote Jamie and Duncan’s POV’s in the fourth book and Jamie was difficult for me to wrap my head around at first. Once I got into his head though, I loved writing his chapters! Carey: My favorite to write is Mackenna. I love her sense of humor and her rabbit holes. The hardest for me to write was Duncan in FOREVER DOON, for the same reasons as Lorie.

6. How did the two of you pitch yourselves to publishers or literary agents?

We found our literary agent and she pitched the series to publishers. It was actually her brilliant idea to turn Doon into a four book series. We’d only originally envisioned one or two books. We found our lit agent through an email query letter.

7. Did writing Doon require a lot of fun long sleepovers and or chat writing sessions? If so which one is the most memorable?

Yes! All of the above! The most memorable was when we were at a writer’s conference, holed-up in our hotel room brain-storming a new concept for Shades of Doon. We both knew the original idea we’d pitched to our publisher wasn’t right, but we couldn’t come up with something new until that night. When we thought of the idea to have the girls sucked out of Doon to face their past lives, it was like lightning struck–we knew we’d found the perfect concept!

8. Since Doon is coming to an end should  readers be looking for any new books from this dynamic duo? Or will you guys be writing independently?

Right now, we’re working on individual projects. Carey is working on a fantasy/retelling project and I have GILT HOLLOW releasing September 27th! I’m also writing some individual projects; a historical YA and a YA epic fantasy.

9. Have either of you been to Scotland? If so how did that inspire your writing?

Sadly, neither one of us has stepped foot in Scotland, but Carey has been to England. I’ll let her tell you about that… I got to Northern England in my travels and I drew from the countyside and experiences.

10. Can you offer any advice  for aspiring authors and or coauthors?

Write every day. Even clumsy words are better than no words.

Thanks for everything!


I would just like to say thank you again to Carey and Lorie for letting me interview them! And letting me be apart of the #doontakeover! Now for the givaway! I have a bunch of swag for all of you from the authiors, which incudes signed posters and bookmarks from the authors. The link will be listed below! And remeber ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤



Can We Talk ABout:Where have I been!?!

YIKES! Its been over a month and so much has happened and I am so sorry i have not been on. My computer broke and i have yet to get a new one ugggh. But i do have announcement! I started Booktube! Yes i am now making bookish videos and i have loved it so far! The community is so nice and welcoming and just flat out fantastic! I will leave the link down below if you guys want to check me out! I have alot of exciting plans for the next couple of months. Like special unboxings, giveaways and author interviews! Eep! I just want to say thank you for everyone who has supported me from the start and for all my new followers. Well thats all for now. Remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤


Can We Talk About: Poetry

Screenshot_2016-05-05-17-42-06-1.pngHappy Saturday! Book lovers of all ages. The weekend is here time to crack some spines open and read! As well as blog, since its Mothers Day tomorrow I thought I would do my Can We Talk About segment on Poetry. Since it is sweet, beautiful and meaningful just like our moms! So Can We Talk About Poetry? I for one love poetry I always enjoyed learning about it in English each year and reading it. I learned more how people feel with their poems rather than talking to them weird I know.

I feel like poetry is somewhat like lyrics to a song it doesn’t  always have to rhyme and it doesn’t have to make sense to everyone. Its suppose to make you think and feel some type of way or at least make you question things differently. I think poetry was  music when it first started out it just didn’t have a melody with it but through out centuries went by it evolved to what we call music now. Even artist call themselves poets which I have learned to respect since it is true. If you take out the music part out of it and only hear the lyrics it is a poem that has turned into a story. I feel like I listen to poetry each day and I love it.


When it comes to poetry we read in books I don’t read much of anything new sadly because I have no idea where to start. But recently I was contacted by Jennae Cecelia a self published author of her new poetry book Bright Minds Empty Souls! I went on her instagram page and saw some of her poems that are in her book and fell completely in love!” Bright Minds Empty Souls is filled with over 200 poems about love and heart break. Its a book made with love about falling in love. It is meant to be read in both happy and sad moods. It is inspiration for others to follow their passions. This book is for dreamers!” – Jennae Cecelia. After she explained to me what her book was about I automatically wanted to help promote her work! Plus she is a self published author which is inspirational all on it own and she is also working on her second poetry book. I also find the cover of this book quite beautiful! I have only read a few of her poems from her book but my favorite so far is “Strangers” its so poetic simple and is relatable as well. You guys need to go pick up her book like today! Its a perfect Mothers day present or something you might want to keep for yourself! I will leave all of Jennae information down below!

Not only do I love to read poetry but I also write a little myself! I mainly write it for myself or most of it can be found in the book im currently writing. I will be sharing some of my works on here in the future or when I think its good enough for all of you too see lol. But  my relatives think im good which is a confidence boost but I cant wait to see what you all think when I post some on here! .Do you have a favorite poem or favorite poet? My favorite poem is” O Tell Me The Truth About Love” by W.H. Auden. Alright that’s all for now I hope you all have a great Mothers Day weekend! An happy Mothers Day to all the moms out their! And remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

Jennae instagram https://www.instagram.com/jennaececelia/

Where to buy Bright Minds Empty Souls https://www.createspace.com/6094248


The Next Together Review by Lauren James

First let me apologize for not being active for more than a MONTH!!!! Ugh yes I know horrible. But I do have a review post to make up for this! If you follow me on Goodreads you know that around mid March I finished The Next Together by Lauren James! After finishing this book I had very mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it very much but I had no idea how to rate this book! On Goodreads I gave it a three star rating but after going back to it and sticky tabbing my favorite parts of this book I am now giving it a four star rating. Before I explain why I had a change of heart let me tell you more about what this book is about.

“How many times can you lose the one you love? Kathrine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated. Maybe the next together will be different.” WOOOWWW okay when I first saw this book I was head over heals because of how gorgeous it looked but then when I looked it up on Goodreads and read the synopsis I wanted it sooooooo badly! Alright so its obvious this book is about reincarnation which is new for me. So at first I didn’t know how I would react to this book, because in the beginning I was very confused when it came to the format of this book. You see this book is told by Kate, Katherine, Katy and Katherine Galloway and yes before you ask its told  by the same person….. Well sorta you see its the same girl but in different time periods! Trippy right well after I got that hang of that my only other concern was would I be able to connect to her as well as the romance!

But my fears quickly went away! I love how Lauren wrote this book its like all the versions of Kates where one person but divide in four characteristics that made one person. I hope that make sense for those who have yet to read this amazing book. Now when it came to the romance with all the Kates and Matthews I loved all four of the love stories that made up this big love story. I think my favorite time period romance was Kate and Matthew in 2019. Im not going to go into that much detail so I don’t spoil you but they where just sooo cute my only complaint is that I didn’t get to read a lot from that time period. I don’t think I have a least favorite time period but what I will say is that Kathrine at times would make me a little frustrated! But when it came to all the Matthews I juts couldn’t get enough of him like ugggg hes so freaking cute and his personality I just love he seems so real ( another book boyfriend added to the list).

All I have to say if you haven’t read The Next Together what the heck are you doing!!!!! Go as in go now order it pick it up from anywhere and read it!!!!! Well at least read it before the next book comes out THIS October which is called The Last Beginning! Im so excited to continue this amazing story!  Before I go I will also like to announce that I am in love with Spotify! So for now on when I do a review I will add a song that I think  goes best with the book im reviewing soooooo for this lovely book I choose Lay me down by Sam Smith and John Legend! Trust me you will understand completely if you have read the book and heard the song! Okay that’s all for now and remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23266378-the-next-together?from_new_nav=true&ac=1&from_search=true The Next Together

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lay+me+down+sam+smith+john+legend Lay me down Sam Smith and John Legend




Once Upon A Time Book Tag


For one I am so sorry I have not been on lately! My Word documents expired and I couldn’t find my flash drive and a whole bunch of other crazy things. But im back with a lovely book tag that I have created! ❤ I am combining my favorite two thing which are Books (of course) and my favorite tv show Once upon A Time. So in honor of tonight’s season six premier! ( Question 4 spoiler alert for Paper Towns and Eleanor and Park!)


  1. “I will always find you” That one couple that always found there way back to each other? Okay this might be a cliché answer but its so true I choose Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Game Series!
  2. 59a9d39d6897a4ceec6019dafda518a4The “Outlaw Queen” Two fictional characters one good and one bad that would make the perfect OTP? Well for this one neither of these characters where bad per say they were just very unlikeable lol. So I pick Celeste from The selection series and Gale from The Hunger Games lol I know its weird but I think they would be cute togetherd5ade42c7097840798caa4cdbc200332
  3. The “Emma Character” A character that is compatible with more then one person. Mare from Red Queen I have yet to finish this book so please no spoilers! But from what I have read so far there are three guys I can see her with. But that might change when I actually finish the first book lol

c41529839d955cdfac37aa00a2fc48054.The Evil Queen Heart ache. A fictional character that has suffered the worst heart ache </3 😦 . I have two for this one but fair warning if you have yet to read Paper Towns or Eleanor and Park skip over this question.  I choose Q from Paper Towns and Park from Eleanor and Park ugggggg the struggle for these two male character when it comes to love made me cry and have the feels!

0139c56b218ced03b678e831527da3af.jpg5.My Charming <3. The all around perfect book boyfriend :). Peeta was my first book boyfriend I love him! Maxon because hes just so amazing and King status is a plus. An I cant forget Olly from Everything Everything hes the first fictional boy I could actually see myself with in real life!!!!!!

That’s the tag I hope you all loved it as much as I do! An shout out to all my OUAT fans so excited for the new season tonight! I am going to share the love and tag some blogs I love to see post! ;).  And remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

Lisa and Becca at http://www.lostinlit.com/

grace at https://quirkyandpeculiar.wordpress.com/

Hailey at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGeNhLPJHs8kJ9VfM35Okqg

Riley Marie at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyrpy8I4I4bSZoBjDj8T_g


Can We Talk About Book Subscription Boxes Part One

Can We Talk About Book Subscription Boxes Part One!

Happy Saturday! This week we are just going to jump  straight into this weeks Can We Talk About. Can We Talk About Book Subscription Boxes!? If you don’t know what a book subscription box, it is a box of course that usually contains a book and some awesome bookish items. I will be talking about several boxes that catch my eye in this article. I’m going to be doing this Can We Talk About in two parts because I just couldn’t pick between all these lovely boxes. This is not sponsored at all and all opinions are my very ownJ.

Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-03-54-1First I would like to talk about BooklyBox! The first thing I would like to say about this lovely box is that it looks so chic! It’s black with white lettering and just a box you would want to take a picture of! The one thing I think people will appreciate about BooklyBox is that it is very versatile. It has a variety of genres too choose from not just YA. So it’s perfect for any age or any type of reader. In your BooklyBox you will receive a book of course a bookmark, book stick tabs and of course a card saying what you got in your box for the month. I have heard that they will be adding more to their box in the near future. Another thing I love about this box is that their very active with their followers, they have created a book community for the subscribers. BooklyBox also provides a book to a child, teen and adult in less fortunate countries with every box sold! love it so much its new unique and creative. I will leave all links so you guys can go check them out.

Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-13-59-1The next box I’m going to talk about shouldn’t be any surprise. OwlCrate! This is a very popular and well known box in the YA community. This box is strictly and perfectly made for YA lovers. This box also looks extremely cute and so creatively made. In your OwlCrate you should expect a book and three to five bookish items. With OwlCrate it is always a mystery of what is in it. But with each OwlCrate they have a theme of the month! Plus they always have special deals for their subscribers and new subscribers. I love seeing on boookstagram what is in the latest month’s box! It’s like Christmas every month. Plus the creators of OwlCrate are amazing and so sweet and nice. I highly recommend this box if you’re a YA lover or as a gift for one they will love it!

Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-08-06-1.pngThis next box is rather new in the book community, but I love what it stands for. And this box is Magic of Diversity Book Box. I am a huge supporter of diverse books so too have a book box that is made just for that is amazing! I am not sure if this is just for YA diverse books but I know some will be featured in this box. I have yet to see how the box looks like nor an unboxing of it. But I do have high hopes for this box and what it will contain in it. But the creator Montgomery is absolutely sweet and very friendly. I am very interested to see where this box goes and start seeing pictures of how it looks.

Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-09-45-1Not all book subscription boxes have to come in boxes. In this case I’m talking about Uppercase! Uppercase is another YA box or shall I say bag just for the lovers of young adult books. I like how they came up with a bag for this rather than a box like everyone else. In Uppercase you will receive a YA book that matches the theme of the month and some bookish items that either go with the book and or theme. The thing I like about Uppercase is that the bag it comes in is usable and really cute. I realize that this box is becoming very popular and getting a lot of hype around the community. I can’t wait till I purchase one of their bags but be mindful of spoilers because this bag is all over boookstagram.


Screenshot_2016-02-06-10-04-26-1The last box I will be talking about is The YA Chronicles. As you can tell by the title this is also dedicated to the Young Adult audience. This box is made all the way from the great Aussies in Australia. In this box each month you get a very special YA Chronicles bookmark each month a different color a YA book that matches the theme of the month and of course bookish items. What I love about this box is that sometimes it features a letter from the author which is always nice to have. Also they have a cute card that says what you get in your box. I love the name of this box and its meaning too it. I would love to do a review on this box but shipping is crazy expensive from all the way from Australia. But if you have the money I would suggest this highly it won’t disappoint!

Well those are the first five book subscriptions boxes I wanted to talk about! The second part will be next weeks Can We Talk About. Are you subscribe to any of the boxes I mentioned in this post? If so which month’s box has been your favorite? Also is there any book subscription boxes you would like me to talk about? I hope you all have a great weekend! Remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

booklybox website


OwlCrate website


Magic Of Diversity Book Box twitter


UpperCase website


The YA Chronicles







25 Bookish Facts About Me

25 Bookish Facts about me


I saw this tag on Jesse the readers channel and I thought it be a cute blog post idea! Also a great way for you guys to know more about me and my book habits ❤

  1. I love to eat while reading my favorite snack is chocolate
  2. My favorite book to movie adaptation is Catching fire
  3. I watched the movie The Best of me before I read the book lol I didn’t even know it was a book till afterwards #embarrassment
  4. The first series I binged read was The Hunger Games. An the only reason I picked up the hunger games because I wanted to go on the field trip my school was having to the movies ( I didn’t even go on the field trip, face palm)
  5. The first series I fell in love with was Diary of a wimpy kid
  6. I only own 33 books but I’m in love with all of them and its growing very rapidly!
  7. I don’t own a bookshelf but my books are neatly arranged on my floor lol.
  8. I’m an aspiring author I’m currently working on three projects that I am in love with.
  9. I love retellings I don’t know why but I find them so interesting and fascinating how authors enhance a story even more.
  10. My least favorite genre to read is horror I just don’t find it appealing nor is it my style
  11. I have 17 books that I own but have not read #buyingtomanybooks
  12. My top three auto buy authors are Kiera Cass Rainbow Rowell and Nicola Yoon
  13. My favorite genre is contemporary I love it so much!
  14. My TBR list on Goodreads has over 260 books on it lol and yes I add more weekly.
  15. I’m such a cover buyer lol if I go into Books a million or Barnes and Nobel and I see a pretty cover I get it
  16. My least favorite book is Me and Earl and the Dying girl. I’m sorry if that is one of your favorites but I just couldn’t get into it.
  17. I don’t own a complete series of any books I either have the first or second book of a series but not a whole series
  18. First book I ever remember reading that wasn’t a children’s book was The Secret Garden.
  19. My favorite book cover that I do not own is magonia like omg I can stare at that cover forever!
  20. I prefer hard cover over paper backs any day. But I do take off the dust jacket while I’m reading.
  21. If I could sit down and have lunch with any author of my choice it either be Kiera Cass because we eat cake and talk about her books and Disney movies. Or Nicola Yoon because I feel like she help me out a lot because of diverse writing and she seems so much fun.
  22. I met one of my closes friends on boookstagram you guys should so check out her blog she’s amazing. Eden from https://booknerdquirks.wordpress.com/
  23. When I’m older I want to be an author! I want to go to school at Emerson College in Boston.
  24. I plan on having a book tube eventually but until then I practice making videos on my computer ewe I know lame #noshsame
  25. The first book I ever cried over was Mocking Jay like I legit started sobbing because it was over

Well that was the 25 bookish facts about me tag! I enjoyed it sooo much and now I’m going to share the love and tag a few people.

Grace from https://quirkyandpeculiar.wordpress.com/

Eden from https://booknerdquirks.wordpress.com/

Lisa from https://remarkablylisa.wordpress.com/

Ella from https://bloggingbooknerdblog.wordpress.com/

Monica’s video: https://youtu.be/W4nZqnVR_Kk Creator of 25 bookish facts

Jesses video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKaeBxwuySs

I hope you all enjoy this tag as much as I did! Remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤



Can We Talk About: Wattpad

Can We Talk About Wattpad


Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a great week, my new favorite day of the week is Saturday! Why? Because it’s when I post the new “Can We Talk About” post! This week Can We Talk About Wattpad?

For those of you who don’t know, Wattpad is a website and app that helps writers share their story! On Wattpad you can write a story and upload it for your followers to see. You don’t have to worry about your story being taken or stolen because it is safe on your profile. I personally love the idea of Wattpad and its concept. Not only can you make your own story, it can also have a personalized cover that you can make and upload on it. And if you don’t know how to make it, there are many Wattpad cover designers you can find on bookstgaram that are very talented. Wattpad is for fun but they also have competitions that you can sign up for, and your followers can vote for your story! It’s also very beneficial for feedback and to even get your story published. The community is also very friendly!

I have a Wattpad account myself and even though my following base is small I get a lot of feedback and support on my novel. Wattpad is not made for any specific genre but for anyone who has a story to share. Also there is a chance if you’re an aspiring author to get discovered on Wattpad, if you get enough views and likes and of course. If you get amazing feedback a publishing house might offer you a deal! Getting discovered is not a guarantee, but it has happened. For example 18 year old Estelle Maskame got her big break on Wattpad and is now the famous author of  the “Did I Mention I Love You” series!

So my suggestion is give it a try! It’s and awesome site for aspiring authors or if you’re studying or planning to study to be a publisher or writer at school. You never know your story can be the next Wattpad phenomenon or you can discover it! Do you have a Wattpad? If so, what’s your username I’m always looking for great stories to read! Also what’s your opinion on Wattpad let’s talk about it. I hope you all have a creative aspiring weekend and remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

https://www.wattpad.com/user/jheartluvsbooks5 My Wattpad account

Can We Talk About: Book Clubs


Hello book lovers and internet junkies! I have decided that I want to start having a weekly chat with you all about everything book related! This chat is going to be called “Can we talk about”. I hope you like this new segment that I added to my blog and I plan on posting this every Friday or Saturday!

Can we talk about book clubs!!! Book clubs have become very popular lately. It’s not just an average meeting up every other week at a person’s house with food and gossip about other things that have nothing to do with the book. Book clubs have evolved over time and become an enjoyable pass time activity. For one, you don’t have to have a book club in person, there are a lot of successful book clubs on book tube, bookstgaram, and of course Goodreads!  In  my personal opinion book clubs seem to be  way more doable and fun when it’s online. It’s an easier way to interact with people and meet new people from across the world!

Before I became involved in the book community I really wasn’t for book clubs at all. I felt like it would be more of an obligation rather than pure enjoyment. Plus if I did actually join one I had the “what if” feeling, like what if I don’t like the book or what if I won’t be able to finish the book in time for the discussion. The thought of joining a book club just terrified me. But when I found Goodreads and the book community I realized that there are many different ways for a book club to be set up!

After a lot of thinking and talks with some of my book friends online I not only joined a book club I co-host one as well! The name of our reading club is Reading Queens! I am in love with the book club that I helped start. For one all of the host are very close book friends of mine I met on bookstagaram and two, we not only read a Young Adult book each month we have a photo challenge that goes along with the book. Our book of the month this month is one of my personal favs Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon! We will be having our first discussion January 30 at 8:00 pm Eastern time on our bookstagram page @reading_queens. Feel free to stop by there and become our friend on Goodreads!

I can’t express enough how the book community has changed my look on book clubs as a whole. Are you involved in a book club? If so leave me a comment below I would love to be involved in more! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and remember ❤ Always Love Your Books ❤

https://www.instagram.com/reading_queens/ Reading queens instagram

https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/50429850-readingqueens Reading Queens Good reads